Fridays in the Community Room

from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm



7 – Foods of the Holidays: Tasting & Meaning, Aliza Norstein

14 – Repairing the Sea, Rabbi Ed Rosenthal

21Embracing Multiple Opinions on Israel: Understanding the differences of opinion on Israel and how they emerged is critical for today's Jewish leadership and communities, Rich Walter and Erica Hruby (Center for Israel Education)

28 – Jewflicks Video: “A Renewable Light to the Start Up Nation,” Yosef Abramowitz



5 – Choosing Tomorrow Program, Ella Pardo (Jewish Agency for Israel)

12 – Columbian Lone Soldier, Yaakov Rothstein (Jewish Agency for Israel)

19 – “Champions Mindset,” Harold Shinitsky

26 – Jewflicks Video: “Doing Good is Good for Business,” Noah Alper



2 – Making Aliyah from India, Silha Johnsy (Jewish Agency for Israel)

9 – Rebel Women in the Bible (Part 1), Rabbi Danielle Upbin

16 – Israel Story Video

30 – Jewflicks Video: “My Israel,” Sarah Tuttle-Singer



7 – Rebel Women in the Bible (Part 2), Rabbi Danielle Upbin

14 – “The Power of 5,” Dr. David Bernstein

21 – Dance and Movement, Noa Spector-Flock

28 – Jewflicks Video: “From the Ends of the Earth: Lost Tribes and Hidden Jewish Communities,” Michael Freund